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इलाम नगरपालिका नगर कार्यपालिकाको कार्यालय इलामको नयाँ संरचना र वडा स्तरको जनसंख्या विवरण

Ilam Municipality

इलाम नगरपालिकाको आ.व. २०७२।२०७३ को बार्षिक समीक्षा गोष्ठी

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इलाम नगरपालिकाको आ.व. २०७२।२०७३ को आय व्यय सार्वजनिकरण

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इलाम नगरपालिकाको आ.व. २०७२।२०७३ को तेश्रो चौमासिकको सार्वजनिक सुनुवाइ

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Ilam municipality of Ilam District, which is in the hilly region of Mechi zone, in the Eastern Development Region of Nepal. Ilam also acts as the headquarters of Ilam District and Mechi zone. Geographically it lies in the hill region which is mostly known as Mahabharata range. The word ‘Ilam’ comprises two words-‘I’ and ‘Lam’. In Limbu dialect, the word ‘I’ means ‘winding’ and ‘lam’ denotes to the way. Upon looking at the topography of this land, we can actually see several winding paths crisscrossing on the way. Thus it is aptly named ‘Ilam’. It is also one of the important town in Mechi zone and one of the major place in Nepal for tea-production. It is famous for natural scenery and landscapes, tea production, and diverse agricultural economy. Ilam municipality is sub-divided in 9 different wards, the major governmental and district office lies in ward number 1 and ward number 2. Ilam also is a major hub for transportation and communication for VDC that lies in the upper part of the discrict.

Mai Pokhari is a wetland in the Ilam District of Nepal that was designated a Ramsar site in October 2008. It covers 90 ha (220 acres) and is located at an altitude of 2,100 m (6,900 ft). Invasion of exotic Japanese Pine in the watershed and gold fish has adversely affected the indigenous floral and faunal species, especially birds and amphibians.[1]